TUCSON –  An area veteran said he has his life back after he struggled with PTSD, thanks to a seldom used treatment that is common practice in other parts of the world.

He and a non-profit group are now working to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy more accessible for veterans in Arizona.

Patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy sit in a pressurized chamber, usually for one hour at a time, while breathing in 100 percent oxygen.

It’s meant to promote healing. Some injured veterans who have access to it swear by the treatment.

Injured by a roadside bomb while fighting in Afghanistan, Chris Liby came home to battle PTSD.

“Just down and depressed all the time,” said Liby

He tried different medications with little success. A friend suggested hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“I decided to try it,” he said. “It’s oxygen and a little bit of pressure on your body. What could it hurt?”