After 40 treatments of HBOT

During a numerous deployments incorporating both Iraq and Afghanistan, I was involved in multiple IED
strikes/blasts. In addition, I was knocked unconscious during various training events, which include
multiple jump operations. The tipping point came in 2010, when I was involved with an IED strike in
Afghanistan. After the blasts, I knew something wasn’t right, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Within
days of the blast, I was knocked unconscious during a fall down a steep canal during a night movement.
When I regain consciousness, I felt like I was walking at a 45 degree angle for a two to three week period
to include having significant short term memory loss. After returning from Afghanistan, I notice the
memory issues were increasingly getting worse and started to affect my personal life. I became more
agitated, withdrawn, and had daily dizziness spells. It was only a matter of time before this caused an
increased amount of stress on my marriage and family. With a couple of months of returning from
Afghanistan, I was stationed in Iowa where my issues continued to get worse. I would routinely be
driving or in stores and have no idea where I was or what I was doing. I went through a variety of tests
and scans with doctors that were not familiar with TBI or other blast injuries. The test determined
certain signs of brain trauma. I was diagnosed with TBI and PTSD in 2011 with a treatment plan that was
heavily based on drugs, which I strongly disagreed with. The doctors stated that time would be the best
treatment, which was no help to my situation. It has been an extremely long road over the past couple
of years, but I have seen improvements. My attention span, irritability, and short term memory still
were problematic. I still had issues with memory and focusing. Reading and spelling remained difficult
due to not being able to remember the material read, which caused me to read items over and over
again. After about halfway through the hyperbaric treatment I started to notice the irritability was going
away and could focus for longer periods of time. I also noticed increased energy levels. My co-workers

and wife have made multiple comments regarding how I can now hold conversations for longer periods of time without drifting in and out. In addition, I seem to be more relaxed and able to calmly deal with situations that would have previously put me over the edge. I have also noticed a change in my family life as well. I am more involved and have a desire to interact with others to include my family.