The Richard A. Neubauer Research Institute (RANRI) is a registered 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.  We are committed to preserving and promoting the work of Dr. Neubauer, continuing the study and use of Hyperbarics, and providing education to the medical community of the current available global research. We are also committed to helping people in need afford the treatment.

The four projects that are currently in process or gearing up to start in early 2016 are:

Continuing Education for Health Care Providers: We will have more information on this in upcoming months.  We are excited to plan for monthly meetings for physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers that will also allow them to obtain continuing medical education units.

Veterans: We have received a very generous donation that will help offset the cost of a limited number of Veterans diagnosed with PTSD, TBI  and Concussive syndrome.  This will enable vets that would otherwise be unable to afford to receive treatment to receive significant discounted or free treatments.

We currently have 3 Veterans in this study and would like to add and continue the study with the Veterans Group as funds allow. (See our projects page for more information on applying for service, or donating to our fund.)

Children’s Program: We are planning on a new children’s program where we can offer scholarships to families that would like to add hyperbaric oxygen to their family’s current protocol in treating neurological difficulties.

Scholarship: In partnership with member organizations we desire to have a fund that families that need assistance for their family member’s treatment to be offset by scholarships. This is for issues outside of Veterans and Children’s fund. Currently worldwide, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used to treat over 150 indications, in the US, it is approved for 13. Insurance will only pay for those 13 indications. The benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen are numerous, and we provide assistance to partnering organizations that treat individuals in what is known as “off label treatment.” Our current partnerships and projects include: The Brain Trauma Research Institute, the Association of Hyperbaric Professionals, Hyperbaric Oxygen Institute, and others.