Why we fund raise

We are a very small non-profit, in a very small world of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  For the most part we are a volunteer organization, our expenses are kept low, and we rely heavily on donations to offset the cost of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injured people.  We rejoice when we see major life altering healing happen because oxygen, under pressure works.  We rejoice even when there are smaller, but very real quality of life improvements, because oxygen under pressure helped it happen.  And we weep with the very few who have exhausted every other thing they can think of, and it was too late.

The need is great – and we are stretched beyond what we have.  We and our partnering organizations believe strongly in the healing power of oxygen.

When you get a call from a desperate grandmother, her toddler aged grandchild had a near drowning experience in July, he was discharged from the hospital – according to the neurologist “go home and die”.  What can you do besides say “We can’t promise anything, but come let’s try!”

When a brain injured young man calls and tells his story, he is permanently disabled from a car accident in Mexico, there is literally not even an extra $50.00 in his budget – what can you do except say “We can’t promise anything, but come, let’s try the healing power of hyperbarics.”

When you and your partnering clinic have promised to treat Veterans at no charge – and you already have two going through treatment, and a veteran and current first responder calls and says “I think this may be my last chance or I will die.”  What can you say except “We can’t promise anything, but come, let’s try!”

When a mom of two calls and says “So, there was a car accident 20 years ago, and I have had an undiagnosed TBI, can you help?” What can we say besides “Yes, that’s been a long time, but come, let’s try!”

When the mother of a fallen navy seal called because she knows another Navy Seal who desperately needs hyperbaric oxygen, we said yes!  After his first couple of treatments he started telling us how he was feeling better and how his co-workers and family were noticing the differences, we breathe deeply knowing that we have helped save a business, started a family towards reconciliation, and possibly saved a life.

These are the phone calls and stories in the last six weeks.  So, we say yes, we try to balance with those who can afford treatment, those who can pay towards their treatment, those who may possibly be able to have insurance offset (very unlikely), our partner organizations treat ahead of payment and we see some level of success much more often than not, and we continue to ask for support.  We ask support from our generous friends and others who are interested in actually healing the brain, not masking the symptoms with drugs that literally suck the life out people.

We have fundraisers  – like our Poker Night on November 3rd. Buy tickets for Let Them Roll Night

We participate in online communities like the Paypal Giving Fund – There are also options that if you sell on ebay, the proceeds can go to our organization.

We  have our own campaign started here

We apply for grants, and we ask for your support.  If you would like to sponsor one of our veterans or others listed above, or would like to host a fundraiser** on their behalf, please get in touch with us here.

If you can’t support us, but can help us with our fundraiser by soliciting donations or selling tickets, or are great on social media and can spread the word, please get in touch with us.


Thank you for your time and your support as we work towards healing….one breath at a time.

If you are here seeking help, and you feel a little overwhelmed, please don’t give up – give us a call and let us see how we can help!


**fundraisers must be approved ahead of time, we will only utilize our paypal fund account for online fundraisers**