I served in the initial invasion in Iraq with a with the 18th Airborne Core and was selected to be assigned to Special
Joint Security Task Force Headquarters Battery, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Expeditionary

Force I was with a 4 man recon team joint Marine and Army I was a specialist E­4 foward observer/overwatch and

I have PTSD, TBI, both hips shattered, left collar bone broken, broken jaw, C1­C5, t­12 fracture, left hand mangled all bones had to be reconstructed, left arm broken left hip replacement, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, fatigue, anger, guilt, self­-harm, ­isolation, ­difficulty acclimating back into society.  I say that because my failure of being able to adapt reared its nose at around 33 as in a wheel chair for nearly 3 years with $435 dollars a month living in my truck, having to sneak on post to sleep in the barracks because it was 19 below, adapting to society has been the biggest stress­or or triggering factor leading to multiple suicide attempts.

The VA uses what is notoriously known as the zombie cocktail consisting of up to 13­25 pills at any point in a futile
attempt to control your pain, confusion and emotional agony.

I am excited to try HBOT




Update after Hyperbaric Oxygen coming soon…